Duelle Yacht Design Unveils 65m Gladius Concept

Another period of Italian superyachts is not too far off. Only months in the wake of establishing Duelle Yacht Design, Michele Lubrano Lobianco has disclosed the 65 meter engine yacht idea Gladius. For Lobianco, who built up his exchange working with Francesco Paszkowski, this speaks to his biggest structure to date. Gladius is a demonstration of the vision of Duelle Yacht Design, who have made an amazing leap forward since their origin.

Michele Lobianco is no more interesting to the yachting business. The fashioner has amassed an abundance of experience on his voyage to building up his very own studio. Conceived on the Italian island of Procida, in the core of the Mediterranean and encompassed by sea attractions, the ocean goes through Lobianco’s veins. An interest with the polish of the drifting scene drove Lobianco to learn at the University of Naval Design in La Spezia, before increasing priceless involvement with both Ferretti and Intermarine. His association with industry pioneers didn’t stop there, as Michele later gone through seven years as the right-hand man to eminent Italian originator Francesco Paszkowski. As Head of Design Department, Lobianco worked with Paszkowski to convey ventures for any semblance of San Lorenzo, CRN and Heesen. All the more as of late, Lobianco drove grant winning activities at Wider, prominently MY Bartali and MY Cecilia.

Having worked together with the absolute most noticeable names in the superyacht business, Michele Lobianco is knowledgeable in what is required to construct a stunning yacht. For a man of his ability, it wouldn’t have been long until Lobianco took his profession toward this path, thus Duelle Yacht Design is conceived. “Effortlessness is a definitive advancement.” The studio has an unmistakable personality, and its mantra acquires from the incomparable Leonardo Da Vinci. This is engrained in the new 65m idea.

M/Y Gladius encapsulates the bleeding edge development and smooth plan that Duelle Yacht Design speaks to. It was made after a solicitation for a “spotless and streamlined super yacht,” and its name gets from the Latin for ‘sword’. “The unmistakable idea of this Roman Sword is a perfect and extremely forceful structure, similar to the M/Y made by Michele,” said the Studio. “We want to draw smooth lines that associate the bow and the stern such that gives an energetic take a gander at all our creation.”

The smooth 65-meter configuration has bounty to offer regarding on-board amusement. 5 visitor lodges approach an exercise center, two Jacuzzis, a film and a 10 meter delicate. With an Aluminum frame and superstructure, the yacht can reach up to 26 ties while having a scope of 4,200 nautical miles at 12 hitches.

The first uber yacht idea from Lobianco’s Duelle yacht Design, Gladius has just been shortlisted at the International Yacht and Aviation Awards 2019. With his involvement in the business, and clear ability for development, it will energize pursue Michele Lobianco’s voyage as he sets out on another part.

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